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This gallery showcases some of our past and current projects! 

Floating Dock Construction

Pictured below is a floating dock we constructed on a private lake just outside Angier, NC.  It features a long walkway that opens up to a spacey platform on which our customers can view their beautiful lake!


Algae Transformation

This pond located at a school in Garner, NC was quickly being taken over by pithophora filamentous algae.  We treated the algae with the correct chemical mixtures, preserving aquatic life and decimating the algae.  The result is a stunning transformation culminating in a crystal clear pond!   


Snapping Turtle Surprise

This picture was taken just after clearing a blockage and repairing an SCM in Garner, NC.  If you'd like to know the rest of the story, give us a call!


Rebuilt Aeration System

This large lake located in High Point, NC was facing a severe aeration issue requiring immediate assistance.  Our team was able to rebuild all 14 lines and preserve the dissolved oxygen levels in the water.  The lake continues to remain healthy for its many aquatic inhabitants!


Pond Construction and Spring Planting

We built this stormwater retention pond in Raleigh, NC.  It features 5 rock dissipators and a weir featuring hand placed stones.  Attention to details like this ensure we achieve the correct functionality and aesthetic looks our customers deserve.  This spring, we planted 450 beneficial plants important for water filtration.  We continue to manage this pond and maintain its beautiful blue color using our specially formulated dye! 

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